What's the MOPN

MOPN is a complex system constructed from simple rules, and it can also be viewed as an innovative socio-economic experiment.

How will community-based organizations balance competition and collaboration when vying for limited resources and space? Is there a stable equilibrium in the multi-player game theory? Will more sophisticated economic behaviors emerge? How long can the lifecycle of this system persist?

MOPN operates like a dissipative system. Paying gas leads to an energy loss. Without new energy inputs, or external value, the system risks becoming unsustainable. MOPN's energy input comes from capturing external attention and consensus, enhancing the value of NFTs and their holders.

Fundamentally, MOPN transforms attention and consensus into measurable value. When the gas energy expended by MOPN balances with the energy derived from attention and consensus, MOPN can transition to a self-sustaining system. This equilibrium is our desired goal.

In MOPN, every placed NFT acts like a bitcoin mining machine, each with different hashing power. Driven by token rewards, they collectively maintain a unique consensus. While bitcoin's consensus focuses on the value of digital gold, MOPN's consensus reflects the popularity of NFTs within ethereum.

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