ERC-6551 Account

What's ERC-6551

The ERC-6551 standard originates from eip-6551, aims to give every NFT the same rights as an Ethereum user. The Token Bound Accounts (ERC-6551) is a new primitive that will give every NFT its own account/wallet address.

The standard does not require any changes to existing ERC-721 NFT smart contracts. The accounts are compatible with every existing on-chain asset standard, and can be extended to support new asset standards created in the future.

By giving every NFT the full capabilities of an Ethereum account, this account enables many novel use cases for existing and future NFTs.


In MOPN, when an NFT is used for the first time, an ERC-6551 account is automatically created. This operation does not necessarily have to be initiated by the NFT holder.

The MOPN ERC-6551 account offers a mechanism that allows owners to transfer and reclaim it at any time, unlocking greater composability and imaginative potential for NFT use cases.

With this composability and permissionless, developers can use MOPN ERC-6551 accounts in any dapps.

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