Blast Mainnet


MOPN Land is only released on Ethereum, and the land tax on the Blast mainnet is also directly allocated to the corresponding Ethereum land holder.


MOPN is permissionless, allowing any ERC-721 NFTs to participate.

However, to protect against sybil attacks in the early stages, access is granted exclusively to valuable and active NFT collections within the blast ecosystem when the total MOPN Point is < 100000.

Blast Gold

MOPN actively engages in the early build of the blast ecosystem, striving to earn Blast Points and Gold rewards.

All blast points and gold given to MOPN will be distributed back to our users.


MOPN Token: 0x10E6D870D2AF151E69d709252080a930C3ec75FC

MOPN: 0x90205dC32d976C6c36e5c5578b493dea31599a48

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