MOPN (Map Of Populars NFTs) is an infinity fully on-chain game, open-source, fair launch, no admin.

On a limited public map, players can freely place any ERC-721 NFTs. All NFTs follow the simple rules, engaging in open competition and cooperation, which leads to emergence of order.

How To Play

  1. MOPN builds a public map consisting of 999,271 tiles.

  2. Players place any ERC-721 NFT on an unoccupied tile and earn MOPN Token ($MT) over time.

  3. $MT can be used to buy Bombs for clearing tiles or mint land for tax collection.


For every NFT that participates, MOPN creates an ERC-6551 account.

The $MT rewards earned from placing NFTs are allocated directly to the MOPN ERC-6551 account. The account owner has the authority to transfer these assets.


  • The map is divided into 10,981 land areas, each containing 91 tiles.

  • Lands can be minted with ETH or MOPN Token ($MT), Only on minted lands can NFTs be placed.

  • NFTs must be placed adjacent to another NFT from the same collection, with a distance of 2 tiles or less, A bomb is necessary if the placed tile is within 2 tiles of an NFT from a different collection.

  • NFTs placed on tiles automatically earn $MT per block based on their MOPN Point.

Agent Place

  • Any player can act as an agent to place other unplaced NFTs.

  • In the agent status, agents can earn rewards, and the reward rate is related to the number of NFTs already placed by agents in that collection.

  • NFTs placed by agents remain in agent status until they be moved, claimed or bombed. When the agent status ends, the $MT reward for the agent is automatically settled.

MOPN Token (ERC-20)


  • MOPN Token ($MT) is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 1 billion.

  • The initial supply is 60/block, and it decreases by 3‰ every 50,000 blocks.


For each block, the produced $MT is distributed based on the proportion of Point from all NFTs placed on map.

When an NFT is placed by the owner, 90% of the earned $MT goes to the NFT's ERC-6551 account, 5% to the collection vault, and 5% to the land's ERC-6551 account where the NFT is placed.



  • MOPN BOMB is an ERC-1155 token, automatically issued by the system.

  • To obtain bombs, the player must burn some $MT.

  • The $MT burn amount depends on the number of opened tiles, the current $MT production per block, and the bomb production in the last 24 hours.


  • If the tile of the placed NFT is within 2 tiles of an NFT from a different collection, a bomb is required to be used.

  • The bomb will remove NFTs from different collections in the area from the map. For every NFT removed, one bomb needs to be used.

  • The used bomb tokens will be burned.

MOPN Land (ERC-721)

  • Land is an ERC-721 NFT with a fixed total supply of 10,981 and consisting of 91 tiles.

  • After a land is minted, NFTs can be placed on its tiles.

  • NFTs on the 91 tiles contribute 5% of their $MT earnings to the land NFT's ERC-6551 account.

  • All land NFTs are issued through two methods: ETH curve minting and $MT auction minting.

ETH Curve Minting

  • Pricing starts at 0.02 ETH, with a price increase of 1‰ for each completed ETH curve mint.

  • ETH curve minting was available starting from March 31, 2023.

$MT Auction Minting

  • The starting price is 1 million $MT, and one land will be auctioned per round, with the price decreasing by 1% per 5 blocks.

  • When the current $MT auction minting is complete, the next round will automatically start.

  • The used $MT for auctioning land will be burned.

MOPN Point

Every NFT's ERC-6551 account, when placed on the map, includes MOPN Point. This point measure the NFT's mining weight, consisting of both the tile point and the collection point.

Tile Point

There are three types of tiles, each assigned with different point: Common (+1 point), Rare (+5 point) , and Legendary (+15 point).

Collection Point

Every NFT collection holds a unique vault that receives 5% of all $MT mining rewards earned by the NFTs in the collection. The vault also allows anyone to stake $MT.

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